Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Hi everyone,

I wanted to sit down and share with you guys why over the past few days Sole Los Angeles was and is inactive. I love my business but I have felt the need to use my voice and energy into what I personally think matters right now like making sure George Floyd and the lives of the black community are heard and protected. I personally have been virtually active in support of the Black Lives Movement on my personal social media page but I felt like I also needed to update the following  who doesn't follow me or know me personally to know where I stand during these times. I stand with you and I stand for black lives and for the black community including those of the LGBT community who have also lost their lives to police brutality. I have over the past days been voicing my thoughts and trying to find ways where I can encourage my following to help make a change through petitions and email templates.  I have used Sole Los Angeles financial resources to be able to contribute to Big Floyd's Gofundme campaign that will be used to support George Floyd's family during these hard times. Gracefully today June 3, 2020 4 officers were charged for the murder of George Floyd. With the efforts of united communities this came about and i couldnt be more proud of latino community who were in support of this movement. I built this store as an engine to help me support in what i believe in and to also help aid those in need. I also want to thank my clients for giving me the opportunity to be able to use my store and the money it generates to donate to a cause that I believe in. I will continue to fight for all races and equality. Furthermore, I'd like to invite you to check out the couples of links I have attached below where you can read, donate and send in your concern for the Los Angeles Billion Dollar Budget. Thank you for reading.

Black Lives Matter,

Solmayra Jacobo

Sole Los Angeles




How Can I Help the Black Lives Matter Movement?

Petitions+ Email Templates You Can Virtually Sign

Big Floyd Gofundme

Gianna Floyd Gofundme

Billion Dollar Redirection + LAPD Defunding Template:

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