About Us

Based in Los Angeles, CA. Sole Los Angeles, is a woman owned brand curated by angelina, @Solmayrajacobo. Sole LA aspires to make everyone look,feel, and do their very best in anything they wear from the shop. Look as powerful as you feel. ♥︎



Our creator, Solmayra Jacobo is a Business Administration Graduate from the California State University of Los Angeles who built Sole as an engine to help empower and uplift the youth and women through fashion. Fashion to Solmayra is the most sincere form of expression. She believes that a "different set of clothes can truly change the way you feel and have a great impact on your day. It's important to look good but to also feel good in what you're wearing. I always tell my customers "you make the outfit, the outfit does not make you" and only because it's true. It's amazing to see someone come alive with just the change of a clothes." via LA Voyage Magazine