Justicia Para Giovanni

Justicia Para Giovanni

Giovanni Lopez was the name of 30 year old young man  who was brutally murdered by policemen over a face mask in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos. The loss of Giovanni's life very much also like George Floyd's recent murder is another prime example of the abuse of power that underlies within the Mexican authorities. Thanks to the power of the internet witnesses were able to capture the brutality Giovanni was being put under over a facemask which eventually led to his arrest. Later that night Geovanni Lopez was delivered lifeless to his family. 

Giovanni's family has reported that El Minister Publico de Ixtlahuacan had transported Giovanni to the Hospital Civil del Municipio because the officer who had arrested Giovanni "se les habia pasado la mano" , "they used a little too much hand". When Giovannis family had came to claim they body to the hospital they were told that he had already been transported to a corners office where they could claim they body where they were also denied to see without signing paperwork where they stated that they had already seen Giovanni's body. The cause of death was "traumatismo craneoencefalico" but after seeing Giovannis body they discovered that Giovanni had suffered from a bullet wound to his thigh and bruising. El Presidente Municipal de Ixtlahuacan Eduardo Cervantes also bribed the family with 200 million pesos do they'd get rid of the video besides already threatening their lives. To push the topic even more this happened on May 4, 2020 and the family has not had any justice.  Please take the time to see how you can help his family and fight against police brutality in Mexico. Thank you for reading.


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