Platica con Sole: Michelle Flores

Platica con Sole: Michelle Flores

Hola amigas!

We prepared a special segment for you to get to know our Team of stylist. We had the honor to sit down with Michelle Flores. Grab your latte and enjoy. ☕️😍

Michelle Flores

Michelle flores in sole Los Angeles denim jeans


S: What's your to go to? Iced or Hot coffee ? 

M: Iced coffee for fall drinks, hot coffee for the Christmas Holiday drinks from Starbies!

S: Whats your favorite type of music ? 

M: Country music will forever have my heart! If I’m not playing country I’m listening to some reggaeton!

S: Whats your favorite fashion item at the moment ?

M: My favorite fashion item has to be a good pair of boots! There’s just so many options, booties, heeled boots, flat boots, the limit does not exist! Plus they can be work during any season.

S: If you could travel somewhere in the world & where would you go & why?

M: I would book a flight to Paris without a doubt! So much beauty to see, and good food to eat. It’s a dream destination! 

S: What's the biggest misconception about a mom fashion influencer?

M: People have this misconception that just because you’re a mom you have to dress a certain way. And that’s far from true! Us mama’s can dress however we want in whatever makes us feel confident 🤍

S: What made you want to work with Sole Los Ángeles?

M: I agreed to work with Sole because Solmayra’s a bad ass jefecita! She’s a kind, hardworking Latina & inspiring af! I love how she promotes self love & encourages everyone to follow their dreams.

S: Any advice you’d like to give any moms out there reading this?

M: My advice to any moms out there reading this right now, in case anyone hasn’t told you lately, you’re doing amazing!! I know it gets hard sometimes, but you got this mama 💖

If you've reached this part of our interview! Thank you ! We hope you loved reading about Michelle. Please feel free to let us know what your favorite part was or what other type interviews you'd like to see in the future. 

Xoxo, Sole Los Angeles

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