Voyage LA: Life & Work with Solmayra Jacobo

Voyage LA: Life & Work with Solmayra Jacobo

Voyage Los Angeles Interview:

2021 was the year of plotting and growth for Sole Los Angeles. Among many of our achievements we want to focus on this important highlight Voyage Los Angeles decided to let me be part of. I got my very own highlight in their "Local Stories" category. This interview was very unexpected and by far is one of my most glorious moments in life. It really felt amazing to be able to show my mother and those I love an article about me and what Ive done through Sole Los Angeles.

As my reader, I want to thank you for making it this far and also want to invite you to visit my Interview: Life & Work with Solmayra Jacobo to capture a little about me and Sole Los Angeles mission. 


Thank you for being here,

Solmayra Jacobo

Sole Los Angeles Creator 

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